Team Challenge

Relay Team Challenge

The St. Oswald’s Ultra race also provides a fantastic opportunity for a team to enter the event as a relay entry. In particular, companies and organisations can use the event as a CORPORATE CHALLENGE in order to support both charitable fundraising efforts and to act as a vehicle to support corporate social responsibility strategies whilst being great fun for staff and the team to be involved in.

In summary the basis of the Team Challenge will be:-

  • 100 mile relay run
  • Up to 12 team members
  • Finish within the 34 hour event cut-off time
  • Cost – £300 entry fee per team
  • All team members will receive an event medal & t-shirt

Team Challenge Details

The basis of the team challenge will be the 100 mile ultra race, sharing the event start and route with both individual entrants in all event distances as well as other relay groups.

The 100 mile route is broken down into shorter manageable sections between checkpoints & marshal points and handover of the Baton (don’t worry, it won’t be heavy!) will be allowed at any of these specified points. This will facilitate up to 12 team members in each Challenge Team.

Any team member can run any of the sections (as many or as few as they wish) with the ultimate goal to get to the 100 mile event finish at Chollerford as quickly and successfully as possible (and also within the specified 34 hour cut off time).

All team members must follow the Race rules & also are required to carry the appropriate kit (as set out in the kit requirements section)

Charity Fundraising

Teams can raise money for any charity of their choice but the events team would also like to direct you to the St. Oswald’s Ultra charity partner for this event the Northumberland Wildlife Trust


DATE: Saturday 17th September, 8am.
DISTANCE: 100 Miles (160km)
ENTRY FEE: £300 + online processing fee
START: Lindisfarne Priory, Holy Island, Northumberland, T15 2RX.
CHECKPOINT 1: Bamburgh (approx. 19 miles)
CHECKPOINT 2: Craster, NE66 3TW. (approx. 33 miles)
8 Hours
CHECKPOINT 3: Warkworth (approx. 47 miles)
13 Hours
CHECKPOINT 4: Rothbury  (approx. 65 miles)
20 Hours
CHECKPOINT 5: Kirkwhelpington (approx. 80 miles)
28 Hours
FINISH: Chollerford, NE46 4EW. (100 miles)
34 Hours

The route follows the start of the St.Oswalds Way long distance walking route details as below:-

Start to Checkpoint 1 at Bamburgh
Route Map

Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2 at Craster

Route Map

Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3 at Warkworth
Route Map

Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4 at Rothbury
Route Map

Checkpoint 4 to Checkpoint 5 at Kirkwhelpington
Route Map

Checkpoint 5 to Heavenfield and on to Finish at Chollerford 
Route Map

After reaching the end of St. Oswald’s Way, the course continues a further 3 miles to finish at Chollerford.


St Oswald's Ultra by Total Racing Events Ltd