Kit Requirements
Competitors Mandatory Race Kit The following items are mandatory for entry into the race :-

  • A fully charged and functioning mobile phone, with contact details of the Race Director and an emergency contact stored (as supplied on race entry)
  • Water Bottles or bladder with a total minimum capacity of 1 litre (we strongly recommend that runners carry additional fluids in higher temperatures) (100km & 100 mile only)
  • Emergency rations (spare Gels/Mars Bar etc) (100km & 100 mile only)
  • Emergency survival/space blanket 1.40 x 2m minimum (100km & 100 mile only)
  • Head Torch in good working condition with additional spare batteries (100km & 100 mile only – we recommend x2 Head Torches)
  • Whistle (100km & 100 mile only)
  • Map of the route (Ideally Map packs of SOW or Guide Book) [50km can use GPS device or Map]
  • Waterproof Breathable jacket with a hood sufficient to withstand adverse weather conditions on the Fells (100km & 100 mile only)
  • Warm Hat or Buff and gloves (100km & 100 mile only)

Please note that random checks will be undertaken both prior and during the race with competitors found to be missing any item of mandatory race kit not being allowed to run. These items are listed for competitor safety.

Please also note that the use of headphones is not permitted as this poses a serious risk to competitor safety.


Other Suggested Race Kit

The following items are also strongly suggested for competitors to consider carrying :-

  • In addition to Map GPs device with uploaded routes and or Compass
  • Waterproof jacket & Full body cover (Pants)
  • Tumbler or cup for drinks at Aid stations
  • Reflective Clothing
  • Watch
  • Hat & Gloves
  • Sun cream
  • Medical kit including any personal medications, compeeds and adhesive elastic bandage or strapping (100cm x 6cm)
  • Spare Head Torch Including batteries
  • Emergency money
  • Electrolytes (tablets, powder or salt tablets) and other food/fuel sources

The above is for guidance only. Please do not rely entirely on consuming food at the checkpoints although the indicated race nutrition will be the minimum provided at those points by the race organisers.


St Oswald's Ultra by Total Racing Events Ltd