Competitor Info
Competitor Info

Competitor Info

We strongly suggest that competitors are comfortable with distance running (preferably marathon distance as a minimum) and also have experience of running off-road. Please ensure that as a very minimum to enter the 50km race you are comfortable running at least 17 miles unsupported.

100 mile Entrants should have demonstrated an ability to run at least 100 km in an event  since 31st December 2013

Race Routes, Checkpoints & Cut-Off Times
These are all outlined in detail within the appropriate Route Details sections.


Race Nutrition
We would actively encourage event participants to be semi self-sufficient in terms of their race nutrition strategy and utilise their support crew at checkpoints as necessary. The organisers have aid stations approximately every 10 km throughout the full 100 miles. Some of these are basic (water only) whilst others are hot soup tea coffee coke etc. A detailed breakdown of these will be available in the competitor information.


Support Runners

As detailed within the Events Rules support runners will be allowed on the final sections of both the 100 km and 100 mile events ie. from the points listed below to the finish of each race:-

  • 100km Race – from checkpoint at Felton NE65 9EE to race finish at Rothbury NE65 7SF
  • 100 Mile Race – from checkpoint at Kirkwhelpington NE19 2RT to race finish at Chollerford NE46 4EW


Drop Bags
Competitors will be allowed drop bags which will be taken from the event start to the following checkpoint for the 100km and 100 mile events. Additionally competitor finisher bags will be transported to Craster & Chollerford as outlined below:-

  • 100km Race – one drop bag at checkpoint at Warkworth NE65 0XB (CP3)
  • 100 Mile Race – two drop bags, one each at checkpoint at Warkworth (CP3) and checkpoint at Rothbury NE65 7SF (CP4)
  • 50km Finish Craster – finish bag NE66 3TR
  • 100Mile Finish Chollerford – finish bag NE46 4EW

You must ensure all drop bags are no bigger than 60cm x 35cm and use a stable bag. No suitcases, no ‘heavy’ bags. Bag tags will be provided for marking and labelling your bag. 


We actively encourage you to invite supporters to provide you with morale boosting support throughout the day and assist with your race nutrition strategy throughout the event. The majority of checkpoints are situated in towns and villages on the route with suitable parking and local amenities to make their time at the event enjoyable. We are actively working with the local communities, councils and tourism partners to assist both competitors and spectators to enjoy their visit to the area.

Please see the event route details section for appropriate checkpoints.


Dropping Out

You may drop out of the event at any checkpoint on the course (we will pick you up and transport you to the finish of your entered race).  If you drop out at a checkpoint and do not require our assistance to the race finish ie. you can make alternative arrangements please ensure that you inform the checkpoint race official that this is your course of action and hand in both your race number and timing chip.

If you drop out at any other location during the event please ensure that you inform the Race Director as soon as possible and proceed to the finish point of your race to ensure that you hand in your race timing chip. Please note that failure to do this will mean that you will be classed as ‘lost’ and our emergency procedures will be brought into place including costly involvement of the emergency services and search and rescue personnel. You must ensure your communicate with the event official, mobile phone message is not an acceptable form of communication. You must know that the event team have received your message of withdrawal through physically signing a withdrawal document. The withdrawal documents are available at all Aid stations and finish points. You will be liable for emergency procedure costs should you fail to notify the event team in an appropriate manner.

Please note that failure to hand in your race timing chip either as a result of ‘dropping out’ or at the race finish will result in a charge of £25 being levied.



Whilst the routes of all the races follow St.Oswalds Way and in addition to usual under foot conditions on a trial, there are a number of hazards that competitors should be aware of, these being but not restricted to :-

  • Roads – there are a number of road crossing on the routes. Please make sure that you stop, look and listen before crossing these roads.
  • Rain – there are also a number of potential hazards on the route which may become exemplified in inclement wet weather conditions such as stiles, bridges, exposed tree roots and slippery grass banks.
  • Rail Lines – there are crossings of the main East Coast main line in the early part of the race. Please take great care when crossing the tracks and observe warning notices and instructional signage.


Rule Violation Procedure

Any evidence of rule violation must be submitted by the registered entrant and lodged using the following procedure:-

  1. Report the alleged violation to the competitor or his crew as the incident occurs. Enlist a fellow witness to the alleged violation if possible.
  2. Report the alleged violation with the competitors name and number to the next available checkpoint official.
  3. Report the offence in writing to the Race Director at the finish of the race.
  4. All rule violation reports must be submitted to the Race Director by 4pm on the Monday following the event. Written protests must include details of the alleged violation and details of the person lodging the complaint.
  5. Decisions on all violations are at the final discretion of the Race Director only. His decision and ruling will be final with no appeal to be heard.


Details of places to stay can be found at :-

The event team, depending on demand, will be organising transport from each race finish to the start of the race at Holy Island on the morning of the race to arrive in time for the combined start. An additional charge will be applicable for this service, but will be kept to minimum cost possible to benefit competitors and make the race experience as easy as possible for those undertaking the event.


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